Empowering Artists to tell stories that connect the world.


Storytelling is one of the oldest traditions, shared across every culture that has ever existed. Stories break through barriers and promote human connection.

As the world’s premium content creator — bringing artists, brands, and global audiences together around universal stories — we spread art and ideas that entertain, inspire, and empower.


The Oasis & The Ladder

Westbrook is our Village. The Oasis - It is a place where a diverse group of positive and passionate people come together to live and work in a safe, nourishing, and productive environment.

Westbrook is also a place where we climb - The Ladder. We are co-elevating, as a team and as individuals, exploring and expanding our gifts, skills, and talents.

The Westbrook Village

In the Village, we value: Extraordinary Art, Good Relationships, Personal Growth, and Fiscal Responsibility.


At its best, Art has the power to educate, inspire, seek truth, and induce wonder. We believe in the transformative and healing power of great Art. This is why we strive to infuse every aspect of our Village and our work — from our physical spaces and communication, to the products we put into the world — with extraordinary artistic expression.


We believe in the power of good relationships. We serve each other through kindness, respect, accountability, and honesty. We are cultivating a community where everyone feels supported and secure to do great work.


We believe that the source of our collective success lies in each of our individual commitments to personal growth. Growth requires curiosity, openness to feedback, hard work, and change. A better you is a better us.


Striking a balance between our Art and fiscal responsibility is imperative to our independence and long term success. At Westbrook, wise financial planning and disciplined spending are essential to the creative process.